Concert Canceled at the Border

Canadian Immigration Entry Graphic

Many concert-goers were left disappointed after the Zack Brown Band had to cancel their Vancouver show just hours before their Friday night appearance at Rogers Arena. The concert, part of their Out In The Middle Tour, was canceled due to some band members’ issues at the Canadian border. According to a statement from the band, the cause behind the cancellation was related to criminal charges from over a decade ago that still appeared in some band members’ records, preventing them from entering the country.

Under Canadian law, a person is considered to be criminally inadmissible in any of the following cases.

–        They were convicted of an offence in Canada

–        They were convicted of an offence outside of Canada that is considered a crime in Canada

–        Committed an act outside of Canada that is considered a crime under the laws of the country where it occurred and would be punishable under Canadian law

The law, however, also offers a path to redemption by going through a process called Criminal Rehabilitation, which overcomes Criminal Inadmissibility by expunging some offenses from a person’s record, as long as said offenses meet certain requirements.

For those who do not qualify to apply for rehabilitation there is an alternative as well. A person who wished to enter Canada may still be able to enter the country after applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). A TRP is issued to a foreign national for a short time if it is found that the foreign national has compelling reasons to enter Canada.

In a statement posted in the band’s official Facebook, they explained that, even though some of the band members were allowed through the border, they decided to deal with the situation by staying together. “We are a family, a tribe. We stick together and support each other and we never leave anyone behind. As a band who prides themselves on showing up with excitement and professionalism, we will always play where we are welcome and appreciated, and we’re so sorry we can’t be there tonight”.

It’s not all bad news for the band’s fans, however. Rogers Arena announced on their website that even though the show was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances”, all tickets would be refunded at the point of purchase.

This peculiar case helps to highlight the importance of being aware of travel restrictions before entering or exiting Canada’s borders, and goes on to show that when it comes to immigration, not even celebrities are exempt from abiding by the law. If you’re planning to travel to, or from Canada, you can get more information about Criminal Rehabilitation and other immigration laws by clicking the contact tab at Thank you for reading our blog and we hope to help you further very soon.